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Help Build the Leadership Agenda 

As we prepare for Leadership Retreat 2024 Stronger Together, we invite you to be architects of the agenda by choosing topics you want to hear about. We’ve created a survey with options for you to choose your favorite Leadership topics. Hearing just the right nuggets of wisdom may tip the scales for you and your team this year. 

We really are stronger together, and that strength starts with you! What do you need this year? Are you looking to maximize the compensation plan or become a master in heart-based sales? Do you want to expand your dōTERRA network or improve your online presence? 

Help us create an unforgettable Leadership Retreat by tailoring your experience. Choose the topics that will fan your inner fire, fine-tune your skills, and ensure this is your best dōTERRA year yet! 



Simple Systems to Uplevel

Online Marketing Strategy

The Power of Consistency

Increase Your Income

Internal Reports & How to Use Them

Compensation Plan Comparison

Networking Like a Boss

Reengaging Leaders

Best Tools for Duplication

Building the Builder

True Network Marketing

How to Reach Your Goals

Inviting Skills

Maximize the Compensation Plan

PIPES Process

Launching New Builders

Power of 3 Responsibly

MLM Stigma

How to Teach Effectively


Get Past Being Stuck

Building with Integrity

Overcoming Obstacles

Heart-Based Sales

Why We Chose to Stay in ō

How dōTERRA Is a Legacy Company

Share the Secrets

Belief That It Works

Emotional Breakthrough

Thanks for Voting!

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