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Meet Our

Leadership Retreat Speakers

General Session 1: Stronger Together in 2024

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Hear all about what you can expect in 2024, including plans from doTERRA corporate that are specifically for leaders like you. Come catch the vision for this year and leave inspired, knowing doTERRA is on an exciting path.  

The Transformative and Empowering Journey of Choosing doTERRA 
Emily Wright, President, Founding Executive 

doTERRA: THE Industry Leader in Research and Quality 
Dr. David Hill, Founding Executive 

Charting Impact and Inspiring Positive Change 
Mark Wolfert, Founding Executive 
Missy Larsen, Chief Impact Officer

Navigating Strength and Stability 
Drew Wolfert, Chief Financial Officer 

Essential Innovations: The Inspiring doTERRA Product Roadmap 
Andrew O’Hare, Chief Marketing Officer 
Bekah Nixon, Vice President, Global Product Innovation, Lifestyle 

The doTERRA Data-Driven Vision for North America in 2024 
Jared Auger, Executive Vice President, North America 

Unlocking Empowering doTERRA Leadership Resources 
Shannon Bible, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience 

Driving Growth in North America 
John Jensen, Vice President, North America Leader Strategy 

Empower, Educate, Excel: Leveraging doTERRA Educational Resources 
Lauren Busch, Director, Product Education 

Blueprint for Growth: doTERRA Builder Retreats in 2024 
Mike Mangelson, Senior Director, Business Development 

Construct an Inspiring Customer Journey at Your Reclaim Your Health Events 
Jacob Reis, Director, Business Development 

Maximizing Leadership Potential in doTERRA Diamond and Silver Clubs 
Rubi Leguizamon, Director, Business Development, Southeast 


Breakout Sessions

This Leadership Retreat, we’re bringing you Breakout Sessions like you’ve never seen before. Learn from members of the doTERRA corporate team members and top field leaders on how to recharge your business and boost your ability to participate in leadership programs. These Breakout Sessions will shape your business mindset for 2024, setting the stage for an amazing year. 

We’re excited to announce the Mastermind Session, where you’ll get to directly chat with many other doTERRA leaders from all over the world and pick each other’s brains for strategies and tips to promote your business. 

Most Breakout Sessions are in person only. The three Mindset Mastery presentations—hosted by Kellie Lancaster, Dr. Danielle Daniels, and Natalie Goddard on Friday, March 1—will be available virtually. 

Thursday Breakout Sessions

Product Experiences

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Shinrin-Yoku Experience and Meditation 
Dr. Brannick Riggs, Vice President, Essential Oil Education 

AromaTouch® Hand Technique Application Activity 
Jordan Hanks, Manager, AromaTouch Program 
Brooke Stevens, doTERRA Blue Diamond 
Holly Orgill, doTERRA Diamond, US Founder 2.0 

Tactical Strategies for Navigating Challenges and Improving Business Performance 
Dr. Kellie Lancaster, doTERRA Diamond,  North American Wellness Founder 


Breaking the Cycle: Teaching Techniques for Overcoming Thought Patterns That Inhibit Progression 
Dr. Danielle Daniel, PsyD, LCSW, doTERRA Blue Diamond 

How to Magnify Your Leader’s Strengths 
Natalie and Andy Goddard, doTERRA Double Blue Diamonds, US Founders, US Founders 2.0 

Friday Breakout Sessions

Mindset Mastery

Available in person and virtually. 

Leveraging Leadership Programs

Maximizing and Strategizing Leadership Programs for Participants 
Lindsay Norman, doTERRA Diamond, US Founder 2.0



Momentum Building through Mentoring 
Renata Rivera, doTERRA Diamond,  US Founder 2.0 

Building Belief and Community through Builder Retreats 
Justin Harrison, Master Distributor, doTERRA Double Blue Diamond, US Founder 

Recharge Your Growth

Expanding Beyond Your Warm Market 
Amy Fullmer, doTERRA Blue Diamond, US Founder 2.0 

Tatiana Timofeeva, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, US Founder 2.0 

Present and Enroll with Confidence  

Michelle Weaver, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, US Founder 2.0 

Shontele Torkelson, doTERRA Platinum 

Building Community and LRP Retention 

April Ewaka, doTERRA Diamond, US Founder 2.0 

Donna McDowell, doTERRA Platinum, US Founder 2.0

Silver Club Sponsor Session

Building Belief in Yourself and in Your Team  

Emily Wright, President, Founding Executive 

Creating Momentum and Growth in Your Team  

Marie Kim Provencher, doTERRA Double Presidential Diamond, Canadian Founder 

The How of Leadership Duplication in Your Team  

Kara Kading, doTERRA Diamond, US Founder 2.0

Mastermind Sessions

Engage in productive one-on-one conversations with executives, US corporate team members, US Founders, North American Wellness Founders, and other market Founders. 

Discover secrets for growing your doTERRA business, catalyzing professional development and helping you refine your business strategy; enhance your leadership skills; and access a supportive community that’s dedicated to your success. 


Bonus Session—Wellness Evolved: Epigenetics and Nutraceutical Innovation

Join top health and wellness experts for a journey into the future of doTERRA. Dive into a dynamic world where current science meets holistic health, unlocking new potential in personal healthcare. 

Epigenetic Harmony: New Science on the doTERRA Serenity System and Integrating It into Your Daily Wellness Routine

Dr. Russel J. Osguthorpe, MD, Chief Medical Officer 
Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD, Vice President, Essential Oil Education 

Revitalize and Recharge: Exploring the Latest in doTERRA Electrolyte and Mitochondrial Energy Innovations  

Alex DaBell, PhD Candidate, Vice President, Global Nutraceuticals and Innovation 
Dr. Vohn Watts, DC, Vice President, Product Engagement 

Wellness Wisdom in Action: Nurturing Customers with Knowledge  

Lauren Busch, FDN, Director, Product Education 

General Session 2: Awaken Potential and Thrive

Embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and effective team leadership. You’ll walk away with the commitment needed to turn visions into thriving actions. 

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Adventure Awaits: The 2025 Incentive Trip and Qualifications 
Micheal Stirling, Canadian General Manager 
Saimoni Lesu, Senior Director, Creative Innovation 


The Miracle Morning—How to Become the Person You Need to Be to Create the Life You Want 

Hal Elrod, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Podcaster 


Team Success Unleashed 

Tonya Merritt, doTERRA Platinum 


Nurturing Your Team to Collective Growth 

La’Nette Sapp, doTERRA Platinum 


Thriving in the Trenches of Continuous Commitment 

Matt Hall, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, Brazilian Founder 


Turning Vision into Action  

Jared Auger, Executive Vice President, North America 

Lead with Heart  

Emily Wright, President, Founding Executive 

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