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Buy a Ticket to Re-watch Leadership

If you attended Leadership Stronger Together in person or virtually, you already have access to re-watch the retreat! But if you didn't buy a ticket ahead of time, you can still get one now. Buy a virtual ticket and get instant access to watch the recordings from Leadership 2023.

Ticket Pricing
Virtual: $45


Relive Leadership 2023

That’s a wrap on Stronger Together 2023 Leadership Retreat! We thank everyone who participated. You added to our strength and helped make this event one we won’t forget.

This year, we hosted Leadership Retreat in beautiful Orlando, Florida, at the Orange County Convention Center. As always, the event had so much to offer those looking to learn and excel.

All general session and select breakout session recordings are available to re-watch for a limited time. If you didn’t register for Leadership Retreat and want to know what it’s all about, you can still buy a virtual ticket and watch the recordings while they’re online.


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Waived Enrollment

New members who sign up through a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate referral link after March 16, 2023, can receive a free year of membership, regardless of their enrollment order!


That’s right, the $35 membership fee can be waived without an enrollment kit. Plus, enrollment orders over 150 PV will earn a free Pebble™ Diffuser as a thank-you. This waived enrollment opportunity is only available to new US and Canada members. (NFR and GAC members don’t qualify.)

Product Announcements

Meet doTERRA sun Mineral Sunscreen Daily Moisturizer. Announced at Leadership and now available for purchase, this face-specific sunscreen feels and functions like a lightweight moisturizer. It’ll be a highlight in your skincare routine!

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Blooming Trio

Give with intention this Mother’s Day—the gorgeous Blooming Trio is here for a limited time only! The Blooming Trio features 4 mL bottles of Gardenia Touch, Jasmine Touch, and Neroli Touch and is available April 1 while supplies last.

Reclaim Your Health

Host a Reclaim Your Health event for your area or invite customers, friends, and prospects to an event near you. At a Reclaim Your Health event, you’ll learn or teach others that when lifestyle is your focus, health can be naturally achieved and maintained.

More information about hosting or registering for an event will be coming soon!

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Day 1 - March 15

5–9 p.m. | Registration
Register after arriving to save time for tomorrow's showcase.

6–9 p.m. | Marketplace Early Access
Diamonds and above plus Founders enjoy early access to the Marketplace to kick off your Leadership experience. 

Day 2 - March 16

9 a.m.–1 p.m. | Registration
Register before the day's events start if you didn't last night.

9 a.m.–1 p.m. | Marketplace/Leadership Showcase
Enjoy full access to this year's exclusive swag inventory

1–5 p.m. | General Session

  • Jared Auger—“Stronger Together” 

  • Justin Su’a—“How the Best in the World Become Stronger, Together” 

  • Corey Lindley—“The Time is NOW” 

  • Emily Wright—“Celebrating Together” 

  • doTERRA Grammys 

  • Bekah Nixon and Andrew O’Hare—“2023 Product Roadmap” 

  • Drew Wolfert—“The Value of an Enrollment” 

  • Jared Auger and Shannon Bible—“North America Business Update” 

  • Justin Harrison, Melody Brandon, Natalie Goddard, and Michelle Weaver—Panel Discussion 

  • Melyna Harrison—“Elevating Your Earnings: The Advantages of Our Compensation Plan” 

  • Angela Villa—“Small In: The Power of Achieving Big Things by Going Small” 

  • Mike Mangelson—“Reclaim Your Health” 

Day 3 - March 17

8:30 a.m.–9:45 a.m. | In-Person Bonus Session
Discover the secrets of metabolic wellness with doTERRA medical, scientific, and health experts. Take your metabolic wellness knowledge to the next level so you can better educate your customers and successfully expand your business. 

9 a.m.–6 p.m. | Marketplace & Leadership Showcase
Enjoy full access to this year's exclusive swag inventory

10 a.m.–5 p.m. | Breakout Sessions
Receive valuable insights and actionable tips for growing your business and improving as a leader from doTERRA corporate employees, top field leaders who are building businesses just like yours, and more. Register for Breakouts

12:30 p.m.–1:30 p.m. | The Pursuit Showing
We will be showing The Pursuit: a doTERRA Original Film at doTERRA Leadership Retreat 2023, but this time with a twist. Following the film, you’ll get an exclusive first look at The Pursuit 2022 Impact Report.

7–9 p.m. | Party
Pack some pastels to wear, channel your inner ’80s and ’90s style, coordinate with your team, and be ready for massive fun at our “Miami Vibes” party. 

Day 4 - March 18

7:30 a.m. | Tae Bo with Billy Blanks
Don’t forget to pack workout clothes for the giant Tae Bo class with the creator himself, Billy Blanks. Bring your team for some seriously fun fitness. 

10 a.m.–1 p.m. | General Sessions

  • Russell Buttars—“Building Blocks for the Future”  

  • Shannon Bible and Michael Stirling—“Celebrating Success: 2022 Recognition” 

  • Saimoni Lesu—“Incentive Trip Sneak Peek” The location is so epic, you’ll need to be sitting when it’s announced!  

  • Sondra Kahawaii—“Sharers are the KEY” 

  • Dani Flynn—“Finding Sharers in Your Network” 

  • Heather Reed—“The Opportunity to Open More Conversations” 

  • Jeremie Brecheisen—“Blindspot: The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It” 

  • Rachel Carter—“The Prosperity of Failure: Is Failure a Factor in Success?” 

  • Emily Wright—“The Power of Change” 

1–3 p.m. | Marketplace and Leadership Showcase
Enjoy full access to this year’s exclusive swag inventory. 

†All times noted are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Meet Our Leadership Retreat Speakers for the General Sessions


Justin Su’a helps high-performance teams build systems around team effectiveness, decision-making, and performance. He’s currently the head of mental performance for the Tampa Bay Rays, and his vast experience working with elite teams includes the Boston Red Sox, the US Army, and Google. 

Justin hosts two podcasts—Increase Your Impact and Losing Control, which is produced by Sports Illustrated. Justin has also authored Parent Pep Talks: The Mental Skills Your Child Must Have to Succeed in Sports, School, and Life and Mentally Tough Teens: Developing a Winning Mindset. He’s also given a TEDx speech: “Learn How to Use ‘Time-Outs’ in Life.” 

Justin Su'a
Special Keynote Speaker

Jeremie is the global leader of the Gallup® CHRO Roundtable—the largest CHRO club in the world. Jeremie is also on the Gallup Europe Leadership team and a regular contributor and subject matter expert for many topics on, including their Real Future of Work series. He’s personally coached thousands of managers and architected duplicable workplace solutions for tens of thousands more professionals. 


Jeremie Brecheisen
Special Keynote Speaker


Corey Lindley
Founding Executive and CEO

For over three decades, Corey Lindley has been passionately engaged in the world of direct selling, serving most of those years in C-suite level positions. He’s solved complex business issues and traveled the globe, living in China (twice), Japan, Australia, and the US. He began his career in 1987 at one of the largest public accounting firms. Corey has been with doTERRA since its earliest days and, alongside the other Founding Executives, helped it become the world’s largest essential oil company. As CEO, he guides the company’s global business, implementing the board-approved vision and strategic direction, while also ensuring future stability and security. A hallmark of Corey’s career is his ability to develop loyal teams worldwide. 

He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration. Corey loves all sports (especially golf) and quality time with his cherished wife, Janis, and their eight children and their families, which include many grandchildren who never fail to amaze and entertain him. 

Being fully immersed in the global essential oils market since the 1990s has given Emily a unique perspective that fuels her passion for empowering people on both sides of the bottle. As a Founding Executive and president of doTERRA, Emily loves to create intentional connections and unify teams for a common cause. She’s a champion of the doTERRA business model, which focuses on developing people and providing education and tools to nurture physical and emotional performance and well-being. Emily has a relentless desire to source the world’s purest, most potent essential oils and lift communities in sourcing areas. She puts her whole heart into the doTERRA purpose of helping people heal. 

She and her husband, Korey, have four beautiful children and two adorable grandchildren—her pride and joy. 


Emily Wright
Founding Executive and President


Drew Wolfert
Chief Financial Officer

In 2008, Drew Wolfert was hired as the fourth doTERRA employee. He began answering customer calls, filling essential oil bottles, and performing ad-hoc financial analysis, but he eventually transitioned into the finance department, preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. After receiving his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from Brigham Young University, Drew accepted a position in New York City with PwC—a global network of firms delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services. While at PwC, Drew worked with financial instruments, structured products, and real estate groups, as well as many Fortune 100 companies, building various financial models to improve profitability. 

In 2016, Drew was invited back to Utah to serve as doTERRA corporate treasurer. His other roles have included managing corporate development and strategy and serving as general manager of central Europe. Today, Drew serves as CFO and is responsible for all financial functions for the world’s largest essential oil company.  

As the chief marketing officer of doTERRA, Andrew directs product development, leads marketing efforts, and manages doTERRA studio—the in-house branding agency responsible for key customer touchpoints across print, web, digital, and social media. Prior to joining doTERRA, Andrew served as vice president of a billion-dollar health and beauty company, where he managed strategy and digital assets—even working as the lead technology executive. Andrew also directed the company’s nonprofit and was involved with many charitable initiatives. Andrew previously held consulting positions across the world. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in international business. Andrew and his wife, Victoria, are parents to five children and grandparents to one grandchild. 


Andrew O'Hare
Chief Marketing Officer


Jared Auger
Vice President of North America

Jared has extensive experience in the essential oil industry across market development, marketing, and global logistics. As the first general manager of doTERRA Australia, Jared established the Melbourne office and fostered the early growth in the Australia and New Zealand markets. He continued his professional career as the first general manager of doTERRA Canada and vice president of doTERRA Europe. He’s excited to work with the leaders in the North American market to create greater alignment, clarity, and focus. Having driven solid growth across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe, Jared intends to build upon existing success in North America and promote new waves of growth. 

Jared is passionate about doTERRA products, and his commitment to initiatives such as Co-Impact Sourcing® and doTERRA Healing Hands® is unwavering. “My vision is to give others the opportunity to see our sourcing in action and show our dedication to helping individuals, families, and communities live their best lives.” Jared and his wife, Katie, have four children and enjoy discovering new adventures, places, and people together. 

Shannon has been with doTERRA since 2013 and brings over a decade of experience in direct sales, events, and recognition management. Since joining doTERRA, she’s helped develop recognition and leadership service strategies, initiatives, and processes to support business leaders. 


Shannon Bible
Vice President of Global Customer Experience


Russell Buttars
Vice President of Global Leadership Development

Russell brings over 25 years of sales, marketing, and executive leadership experience to doTERRA. He joined doTERRA in 2016 as a regional sales manager, after 15 years with a Fortune 500 company in various sales and sales management roles. He served as vice president of global sales for six years. As vice president of global leadership development, Russell facilitates the growth and development of new global markets while partnering with top leaders. Along with his global responsibilities, Russell’s excited to partner with US leaders and their teams in growing the US market. 

Russell graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in business management and received his MBA from Utah State University. Russell’s greatest passions are developing people and partnering with doTERRA leaders to help them accomplish their goals. When he isn't working or traveling, he’s standing in a river with a fly rod, occasionally catching a fish. Above all, his true love is for his four children and wife, Shelly. They’ve loved every minute of being part of the doTERRA family and cherish the lifelong friendships they’ve established. 

Rachel Lee Carter has been a professional model for 33 years, across 36 countries. Besides being a mom to Jack and Jude and wife to Daryl, she’s a published author, Bible teacher, and professional women’s ministry speaker. She was even Mrs. North Carolina in 2009. In 2014, she began sharing doTERRA products and has built a consistent business. Rachel is also a member of US Founders Club 2.0. 


Rachel Lee Carter
Blue Diamond and US Founder 2.0


Melyna Harrison
Presidential Diamond

Melyna Harrison is a successful Entrepreneur, a business coach, and potential recurring income strategist. Observing the struggles of her single mother balancing work while raising Melyna and her 3 siblings, as a child Melyna vowed to design her life with additional revenue streams to give herself as many precious moments with her family as possible.  With a background as a Massage Therapist and a deep curiosity for the psyche, Melyna has spent over 20 years studying the mind - body - spirit connection and has traveled the world teaching workshops, and training on the topics of health, wealth, leadership and happiness.  She believes that you can build the business you want, WHILE living the life you love, and takes a strong stand against creating success at the cost of your family, or your health.

"We magnify happiness as we serve others by empowering them to elevate their health and oftentimes to also elevate their wealth!  When we create success in our businesses, not only do we have a financial pipeline, but we have the leverage to create increased flexibility as well! Instead of having to live our job & fit our life around that, we are able to focus on the things that matter most so we truly can live life to the fullest with our family and fit our work around that."


-Melyna Harrison

Saimoni Lesu joined the doTERRA family a little over five years ago. He brings over a decade of experience and knowledge to his role as the senior director of North American leadership programs and communications. His passion comes from knowing the direct impact the doTERRA mission has on people and communities worldwide. Saimoni and his wife, Anuhea, have four beautiful children: Salia, Ahonui, Kona, and Mataiyasi. They all love being part of this purposeful mission. 


Saimoni Lesu
Senior Director of North American Leadership Programs and Communications


Bekah Nixon
Vice President of Global Product Innovation

As vice president of global product innovation, Bekah Nixon brings over 20 years of experience in global marketing, entrepreneurship, brand building, and product development. Over the last decade, she’s become an essential oil product and lifestyle expert. Driven by her passion for achieving optimal wellness and unlocking the potential of the human body, she applies her knowledge and training to new product launches, from ideation through release, and acts as a brand steward for the doTERRA lifestyle. At doTERRA, she’s directed successful and innovative product development on monumental product lines, including the Kids Oil Collection and Yarrow|Pom line. Supremely passionate about people, products, and growth, she strives to create long-term support channels between Wellness Advocates and corporate efforts. 

In her personal life, Bekah actively seeks out opportunities to expand her horizons and push boundaries. She treasures time with her family—five children, one grandchild, and three grand-puppies—using these cherished moments as inspiration to pursue innovation and excellence. 

Dr. Russell Osguthorpe serves as the chief medical officer of doTERRA and is responsible for clinical research, quality assurance, product safety, and Prime Meridian Healthcare®. He explores how science, clinical research, and technology can improve health and wellness, aiming to prove the value of doTERRA essential oils in healthcare settings. Quality and consistency in essential oil chemistry are essential for clinical research, and he works to ensure both. He and his team of dedicated scientists and providers work to provide tools to help families and individuals improve their metabolic health and wellness. 

Dr. Osguthorpe received his medical degree from McGill University School of Medicine. He’s a board-certified pediatrician and infectious diseases specialist, trained at Denver Children’s Hospital, University of Colorado School of Medicine, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Washington University School of Medicine. 


Dr. Russell Osguthorpe
Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Brannick Riggs
Vice President of Essential Oil Education

Dr. Brannick Riggs was born in Lafayette, Indiana, but he’s lived all over the world. He’s a board-certified family practitioner. In 2001, he graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine, receiving training in complementary and alternative medicine. After graduation, he was privileged to attend the McKay-Dee Family Practice Residency Program, which brought him and his family to Ogden, Utah. He enjoys the full spectrum of family practice and is a member of the America Academy of Family Physicians. 

Dr. Riggs is the vice president of essential oil education at doTERRA and is passionate about creating a new healthcare model that serves patient’s needs holistically. He enjoys using essential oils in his home and integrating them into his practice. When he isn’t working, he and his wife, Juli, spend time with their five children traveling, being outdoors, and tending their small hobby farm. 

Michael Stirling has been with doTERRA for 12 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese and an EMBA from the University of Utah. He and his wife, Emily, have two amazing sons they love to travel with. Michael’s favorite part of the doTERRA mission is partnering with Wellness Advocates worldwide to impact families for the better. 


Michael Stirling
General Manager of Canada


Angela Villa is a speaker, metabolic weight loss coach, doTERRA leader, dream builder, and influencer. She’s vocal in all the right ways, speaking truth and calling in her tribe. Angela juggles everything with confidence. Her zest for life and powerful weight loss journey help her rock motherhood and support thousands of doTERRA team members. 

Angela Villa
Blue Diamond

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